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Acai diets, Cleansing pills?

  • Does anyone know if these acai pills or colon cleanse pills actually do help? I know that there is no quick fix. I'm just wondering if I do use these with my diet and exercise if they would really help me lose weight faster. Any thoughts?
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  • I'm wary of any boxed cleanse. Not to say they don't work...they might. A more natural and cheaper alternative is to eat more dark leafy greens like kale and incorporate about 1 tsp. of ground flaxseed into your diet every day. It certainly will clean you out and increase your energy levels.
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  • Acai actually possesses far more benefits including boosting our immune systems and digestive functions. Acai is a nutritional, energizing fruit that gives you more antioxidant and amino acid bang-for-the-buck than nearly every other food on Earth. Forget about the scam advertisements, weight-loss pills etc. It’s a Superfood with remarkable powers: supporting your immune system, digestive functions, eye health and — many suggest — mental clarity.

    You’ll notice that I didn’t mention weight loss or quick fix pills being pumped by everyone from Oprah to email spammers. I recently came back from Brazil where I tasted fresh berries. WOW! Acai is street food in Rio de Janiero has been used for FAR longer than down there versus the U.S. It’s valued for NOT for weight management — more for it’s nutritional properties.

    Did I mention how addicted I became to its taste in the form of an ice-cream like smoothie? Here's a rocking recipe that is packed, also, with fiber -- oh and CHOCOLATE:

    3 Tbs. Acai (pure juice or you can also buy it in powder form)
    2 Tbs. raw cacao powder
    the meat of one young coconut
    1 cup organic baby spinach
    1 cup water
    ice cubes

    Blend and prepare to want more! If you want to sweeten naturally just toss in some honey or something like that. Please -- no high fructose corn syrup! LOL!
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  • Have you heard of Maqui berries? They are mean't to be even stronger than Acai by about 3 times.
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