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Do you use coupons?

  • I recently decided to start couponing. I went online and did alot of research while stockpiling my coupons for a couple of weeks. I save all coupons. I never know if I can trade coupons for what I need from someone or if I might try a product i dont normally buy just because it is cheaper w/coupon. (I just got a loaf of name brand bread that I dont normally buy because it is so expensive for only .50 and i was glad i kept the coupon.) I try to match my coupons up with the sales (there are so many websites that will actually list all products in the ad and match the coupons up for you for free) and with what store gives me more for each coupon. For example, my area has four of the same grocery stores. I called each one and they all have different coupon policies. My favorite triples up to .50 so i combine that with the ads they have and get alot of stuff for cheap. Another thing I learned is that Walmart matches all prices and takes coupons (sadly they do not double). All you have to do is show the ad at the checkout. I just made my first big shopping trip and got $117 worth of groceries for $57. It is all stuff we use, mixed with store brands and name brands. The last thing I have learned from the many websites I looked at is to stockpile things like tp/cereal... when they are super cheap. Who cares if you dont need Cheerios right now if they are only 16 cents, but alot so taht when you need them they will be there and you dont have to pay full price.
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  • Wow, there are some incredibly good sites listed here, thank you. I didn't see, or maybe just missed, my two favorites and has wonderful deals and seems to find anything I search for. Anyhow, thanks again. - Tom
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  • I use coupons for a family of 5. I plan meals & do once a month cooking. I put together a website that has links to a bunch of manufacturer's websites with coupons. On the left side there is a coupon link. I post recipes on there as well.
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  • I found another site I think you guys will like. It's about vitamins and herbal stuff:
    The Vitamin Shopper
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  • How do you find all of the coupons/ discounts? I have never used coupons.
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  • I use coupons and I use the system set up at which helps you match the sales for the week to coupons. By saving your coupons and using them when an item is on sale you can get it for very cheap, sometimes free. By doing this I cut our grocery budget in half. If you can get coupons from neighbors or family like I do and have multiple copies then I stockpile and buy lots of the item when it is cheap so you don't have to buy it again until it goes on sale again.
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  • I've used coupons for a very long time. Yep I'm a bit obsessed. First I plan our meals for 2-3 weeks and then will search the circulars online for the shops I usually frequent. I will plan my route and clip coupons accordingly. I love using my coupons when the buy1 get 1 offers arise as well.

    My kids have also gotten into the routine of clipping coupons with me. It tends to be an all day affair, clipping and organizing in my coupon binder but it's worth it in the long run:)
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  • I use coupons whenever I can, for food, clothes, restaurants, etc. There are great sites with tons of coupons and I think...Why pay more when you can have it for less?
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  • I use coupons on occasion, when my MIL drops off her extras and I see something I can use. I mostly look for coupons for things that I consider luxuries, like makeup and hair coloring!
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