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  • Hi Everyone,

    Just joined, and thought you should know that Moms In Business Network (MIBN) is now part of this group. Moms In Business Network is the national association representing Entrepreneurial, Executive & CEO moms (you!).

    I'm Gina Robison-Billups, founder and president of MIBN.

    I was recently asked by Obama's Liason office to have a "seat at the table" with other national women leaders to discuss what's important to moms in business and provide solution options. Please feel free to send me stories/thoughts regarding issues you believe are important to business moms like yourself (and solution ideas too).


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  • Hello Gina,

    As a Director of Marketing at a Fortune 500 company, I feel that flexibility is the key. I have the unique perspective of being a working mother, as well as having direct reports who are moms (or moms-to-be). As a working mother at my level, I feel sometimes that the policies are on paper-only - I feel pressure if I take off to care for my child, attend a school function, etc (even though I'm on the black berry at all hours of the night, and weekends). Perhaps that's my own fault.

    To try to remedy the situation, I try to provide an environment that is supportive to my working moms (and non-working moms - we have to be fair). I am flexible if they need to leave to take care of something, or need time off at home. In return, they appreciate it and always deliver for me and the company. These are smart, educated women that are too valuable to lose.

    I guess the over-arching thought here is that theory must be put into practice (regardless of what level you are). If more comapnies could offer flexibility (and truly embrace it), you'd have many more happy working moms in this country.
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  • I just have to share my story... I am a working mother. I am a Program Director for a non profit organization that services individuals with special needs. I have a 1 year old son. I recently returned from a family vacation on Monday. My son's daycare center is closed until the 5th of Jan. and my husband was not able to stay home to care for him. I work for a female Executive Director who is very supportive of mothers and family in general. I had to ask her if I could bring my son in with me for the next two days (30th & 31st) (I have my own office etc.) and she agreed. It was such a blessing and a life saver. My job is a little different from many, but the fact that my supervisor saw my need and supported me really meant a lot. I now know and see more clearly that finding a job that pays more money is not the most important thing...Having a job that will support you through life's changes is a true blessing.

    Thank you for the discussion topic.
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