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Going back to work after being at home

  • *sigh* I'm thrilled and petrified at the same time. Not sure I love the feeling.

    I've found a great job, have great day care set up, I really couldn't ask for a better situation.

    Leaving my 3 yr old at "pre-cool" as she calls it, just the thought of it leaves me with a brick in my chest and dissolved into tears.

    I felt this same way when they transitioned from our room to their own room though. I know I have separation anxiety...way worse than they ever do!

    How do you manage the emotions? I'm feeling lost about being so far away from them during the day. I'm nervous that the stress of my job and managing the tasks at home will leave me frazzled and cranky in the evening when I should be relishing the short time I have with them before bed. How do you keep from overextending your family? I don't want to spend my weekends running all over creation either, but I don't want to keep them from their activities.

    Ay. This is going to be tough, isn't it?
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  • She will have so much fun at "pre-cool"! She'll make new friends, explore her world, develop her independence! It's much more difficult for you, as I'm sure you know.

    Make a conscious choice to live in the present. Be present in every moment of your life, particularly those with the kiddos. If you are organized and plan carefully, you can schedule your errands and chores as well as specific times to be focused on the child(ren).

    And ask for help! That's my biggest challenge, not trying to do it all by myself. I'm so bad about that.

    Hope that helps! It will take a while to adjust, but you'll do great!
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