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  • Hi there! Brand new to the site! What a terrific venue for everyone who has their own path, but all with the same common denominator- being there for our children! I launched in November of 2007. I followed a template on Yahoo! to create the site, but am 110% self taught on the most difficult part of having an online store...SEO (search engine optimization AKA driving traffic to the site and getting people to actually PURCHASE items). I have done countless hours of research on how to position keywords, link exchanges, joining discussion groups (such as this one) and all the 'behind the scenes' maintenance on the site. I also purchased a vinyl window decal that adorns the back window of my car. Due to the time it takes to learn all of the trade secrets, my first year was not a profitable one. I sell items on eBay to pay for the site and am continually contacting wholesalers and dropshippers asking for their blessing to list their products. The first month of 2009, however, has been more profitable than the entire year of 2008, so maybe I am doing SOMETHING right??? I am posting to this forum to see if anyone else has any suggestions for FREE marketing or ways of driving traffic to a retail site. I welcome ANY suggestions as I am beginning to feel I have exhausted all other options (I did try pay per click marketing, which turned out to be a waste of money in my case)...any suggestions??????
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  • Great question! I am still trying to learn the best tricks and tips myself. I have found that advertising on high-traffic blogs of my target audience have been cost-effective. I also have done quite a lot of giveaways on blogs. Of course, my product is digital which is a little easier to give away. Great discussion. I hope more people will post here with their ideas. I'm going to watch this one.

    Jennifer Tankersley
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