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POLL: Family money... where does it go?

  • With the tough economic times we are all on a budget. It seems i am constantly checking and balancing my account and our expenditures. So i was wondering... where does your money go?
    3. EDUCATION (childrens or yours?)
    5. OTHER?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Yvonne Roberts on 19th February 2009
  • Housing: Most of it goes to housing and food. Lots of grocery shopping.
    For entertainment: Once a year, we buy memberships for many museums and places around town so even when we're low on cash, we can always take the kids somewhere fun. For example, when we go to the zoo, I never spend any money because we have memberships and I always pack snacks.
    Transportation: Our car is good on gas and work is close, so we don't spend too much there.
    Education: We use Cal Grants so college is paid for. And I homeschool our children so their education doesn't cost very much. (Other than museum memberships and limited school supplies).
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