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What's your favorite de-stresser?

  • Exercise- yoga and pilates!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Telecommuting Mom on 9th November 2010
  • Walking with my ipod on loudly! I'm probably ruining my hearing but the exercise and the music are a great escape for me. I also tend to figure things out on my walks! Missing them since the weather got so unpredictable here in Western NY.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Me-Do Kids Mom on 12th November 2010
  • I must say it's a mid afternoon power nap. No more than 20 minutes. I set the alarm on my phone to wake me up. Even if you can't sleep just lie down & close your eyes. At work we have a bed in the bathroom. If it's occuppied at my lunch I go to my car & find some shade. If you do this please be safe & lock your car while your resting.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by 4girls on 3rd December 2010
  • Reading a good book and drinking a nice cup of hot tea. I have a few of my favorite classics on my e-Reader and I take it everywhere with me. Waiting in lines has gotten much less stressful than it used to be!
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  • Exercising, taking a short break and a massage every now and then really helps!
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  • Watching a movie, reading a book!
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  • I don't get that stressed but when I do I either nap, watch a funny movie, or do mobility exercises. I also go see what my son and his gerbil are up to and that makes me laugh.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Monica Neave on 20th April 2011
  • Reading is my favorite. I love the old classics, like Pride and Prejudice. But, I also like modern suspense. I prefer a little more literary / commercial crossover - where the book isn't "chic lit", but it's not too high-brow, either - and also is a page turner. That kind is hard to find. Something like "The Secret History", by Donna Tart, (going back a bunch of years), or something similar and brand new, (just came out last week; NY Times.gave it a good review), called, "In Malice, Quite Close", by Brandi Lynn Ryder. Kept me up. But I'm good with that. :)

    If you know of similar good books, please let me/us know!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by AmyDev on 22nd August 2011
  • My Fave De-Stresser would be letting the hubby watch the kids and going upstairs and taking a LONG HOT BATH!
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