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What's your favorite de-stresser?

  • Getting my .357 mag out and shooting at a target
    Reported. Posted by stephanieg on 23rd November 2011
  • coffee, for sure and I love seasonal kinds. I cant wait to try the new Coffeemate warm cinnamon sugar cookie kind. yum this makes my days less stressful.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kylejamie on 25th November 2011
  • Reading a spiritual book/article on net,having a cuppa ,playing with my tiny tot,surfing thru old pictures and videos..
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by madhurima on 18th December 2011
  • When I am stressed, and have the time, I like to go for a quick run at the gym. It has a way of changing my negative energy into positive energy! My quick fix destresser is of course a Latte from Starbucks.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Leah on 27th December 2011
  • I have a system for handling stress, which involves prayer, reading my Bible, and fresh air (a must, even in freezing weather), and refocusing on something else, preferably comedy of some kind...after that I've got to talk to my friends to help me snap out of it. Otherwise, I eat cake.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by quietfire2012 on 29th December 2011
  • I live in Northern Minnesota, so in the winter months I LOVE to go to a hot yoga class. During that hour I work hard to clear my mind and focus only on myself. Some days this is easy, others it takes nearly the whole hour! Hard to be everything to everyone, so I really need that time to myself!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BlessedMom218 on 19th January 2012
  • Still trying to find something that works lol and the time to relax , a glass of wine helps but I get home when everyone is in bed so I have no one to vent to .
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by naomi on 5th March 2012
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    Flag as inappropriate Posted by gfghfsghgf on 23rd March 2012
  • Either I go out for walk or take my baby to some fun places and enjoy the fullest with her. She is a great stress buster.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by AnneShaw on 20th August 2012
  • I like to do some sort of exercise, whether its going for a short walk, or a few minutes of yoga. Anything that will help me release tension and stress build up. Of course when those fail a nice glass of wine at night can usually do the trick!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lindsay W. on 17th December 2012

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