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Toxic Bath Supposed To Cure Exzema

  • Ever since I was a kid I was told not to mess with bleach. It can burn your skin, blind you, & kill you (if you ingest enough). This article is harsh but true. It disgusts me that any doctor would prescribe a bleach bath to a kid.

    Bleach Prescribed to Relieve Eczema Itching: Talk About a Toxic Bath!

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    Bleach Prescribed to Relieve Eczema Itching: Talk About a Toxic Bath!

    The New York Times recently reported that a study was just published in the journal of Pediatrics showing the children who took a bath in a half a cup of bleach per full standard tub were releaved of their Eczema related itching. The bleach apparently had very little odor and the children were releaved of the itching. One article totes the solution of using bleach in the bath with children as “safe, simple and inexpensive…” and I’m trying to figure out how the hell this is safe. Something is seriously messed up about this and I’m feeling very sick over the idea of a child breathing the toxic fumes, having their body exposed to the toxic substance when bath time should be a safe place to play. Do the children drink the water? How does it not get in their eyes? How is this legal and okay? Time Magazine explains that using the bleach bath might sound harsh but it’s safer than exposing children to the antibotics…

    “The bottom line is that the more antibiotics we use, the higher the risk for something becoming resistant to them,” says Dr. Amy Paller, a study author, specialist in pediatric dermatology and chair of the dermatology department at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. “The beauty of something like dilute bleach is that one doesn’t get resistance to it.”
    Eczema and Your Child

    So what is eczema and why is that you would want to put bleach patches on your child’s skin or have them soak in a bath of bleach? The online eczema center compares a bleach bath at home to swimming in a pool but will parents correctly mix the solution and aren’t may pools trying to switch from bleach to safer alternatives? Besides not all bleach is the same and companies like Clorox have ultra bleach with hight concentrates. Seems like a dangerous prescription for a doctor to give and easy mistake for concerned parents to make.

    Both my daughter and my niece suffer from eczema so I understand the frustration and wanting to help your child. According to Keep Kids Healthy eczema is:

    Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a common problem in infants and children. It usually begins between two and six months of age with very dry and sensitive skin that will then become red and extremely itchy. It often starts on the forehead, cheeks and scalp and spreads to the trunk, creases of the elbows, knees, and wrists. With scratching the rash may become raw, crusted and weepy.
    Kids Health offers many solutions and helpful tips, none of which include bleach. Avoiding harsh detergents, clothing and lotions instead are suggested. I’m not sure I would call bleach a mild detergent or soap. A March 2009 study claims that food allergies are not to blame for eczema but instead says environmental and seasonal allergies might be playing a role in the increased number of children being diagonosed and suffering from eczema.

    Eczema can be made worse by allergens like pollen, as well as irritants like soap or woollen clothing, according to the Institute.

    “Research knowledge on eczema and allergies is growing quickly, so parents need to make sure that the information they are relying on is based on up-to-date evidence,” commented Professor Sawicki.
    I’m not sure I agree with the study totally ruling out food allergies. Have you read Monica from Healthy Green Mom and her experience with eczema and food allergies?

    Must Know Information on Bleach

    If you decide to use this so called “safe” remedy I would really like to point out some information about bleach and poisining - the dangers associated with bleach. From Right Health:

    Airways and lungs
    Breathing difficulty (from inhalation)
    Throat swelling (may also cause breathing difficulty)
    Pulmonary edema (water filling the lungs)
    Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
    Severe pain in the throat
    Severe pain or burning in the nose, eyes, ears, lips, or tongue
    Loss of vision
    Severe abdominal pain
    Burns of the esophagus (food pipe)
    Vomiting blood
    Blood in the stool
    Heart and blood vessels
    Hypotension (low blood pressure) develops rapidly
    Necrosis (holes) in the skin or underlying tissues
    Severe change in acid levels of the blood (pH balance) which leads to damage in all of the body organs)
    Many children I personally know with eczema also suffer from asthma and allergies (my daughter) and if I used this bleach remedy it would likely throw her into a horrible ashtma attack. Chlorine bleach has even been linked to childhood asthma but a year after this study was released another study comes out telling parents that it is okay to put their child in a bath with chlorine bleach - what? The American Academy of Allergies and Asthma even lists Chlorine Bleach as causing dermitis and irritating the skin. Personally, we opted out of taking my daughter to swimming lessons due to the high chlorine odor and what we felt it would do for her lungs; why would I put her in a bath of it and let her breath it?

    Natural Alternatives and Solutions for Eczema

    There are a number of other alternatives that I would personally consider but everyone should contact their doctor and feel comfortable with their choice for treatment. Personally, using probiotics and other natural alternatives and food changes to help “heal the gut” as well as avoiding all thing harsh on babies skin, using botanical solutions for pain relief and even seeking alternative medicine. I like how Dr. Amy Well’s explains eczema and that creams and medicine doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Dr. Amy Well’s offers some great suggestsions for helping naturally cure and deal with eczema.

    Some consistent ideas that I have found in my research on eczema:

    1. No Harsh Detergents. Do not use harsh detergents with phostphates, fragrences and chemicals. My sister personally uses California Baby Sensitve Skin and loves how it does not irritate my nieces skin.

    2. Hydration. Keep babies skin moisturized with safe, fragrence free natural lotions to sooth the skin. A humidifier helps to keep the air moist and prevent skin from drying out feeling irritated.

    3. Clip Fingernails. Keep fingernails short. This helps prevent infection and baby or toddler from digging at the skin, causing an open soar.

    4. Food Diary. Consider diet and the book Raising Baby Green. The book talks about solutions and possible food allergies and alternatives.

    5. Environmental Allergies. Have your child tested for environmental allergies that could be causing the child to have a skin reaction. Personally, my daughter has a severe dust mite allergy and washing her bedding often and choosing organic bedding has been helpful.

    Other helpful resources:

    Dr. Green on eczema
    Organic Baby Resource
    Healthy Child Healthy World
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  • There is no real cure for eczema - but you can manage & control it to the point where it's not manifesting.

    You have to drink plenty of water, wash your clothes in detergent which is not irritating to you, moisturize the skin, and (importnat) control stress - which is oneof the primary triggers for eczema.
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  • Please, we need help for our 9 year old son. He has been diagnosed with eczema, but we have concluded that it is likely caused by chlorine, especially from chlorinated pools. He breaks out in the most horribly itchy red pimply rash on his legs and the point of almost being black and blue. We have tried all the antihistamines available, xylocaine jelly, Humphries ointment, etc, and nothing really seems to work for him. It re-appears after every exposure to a chlorine pool and how do you tell a 9 year old boy that he can't go swimming at camp or at all during the summer.

    We have seen that saline pools are much better, but we're hoping someone can recommend an allergist who specializes in this condition and or a medicine that can better help once his rash and intense itching begins. Thank you!
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  • This article about using BLEACH to help eczema makes me CRINGE! I have gotten rid of toxic chemicals in my home and starting using melaleuca products and that has not only cured my son's eczema, but also his asthma, allergies, my migraines and sinus infections and more.

    PLEASE look for natural alternatives for your families' illnesses.

    It's time to stop poisoning our children!!
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  • lucky mama is right! check out my site, for more info! Good luck!
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  • I agree with ABetterYou & LuckyMama!! You can also learn more at my website
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  • Very interesting.... keep the body clean and itch-free. Follow your doctor's instructions, but FYI: I used 100% natural raw shea butter twice daily and the child has not had a flair up in six years.

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  • If you are considering taking a bleach bath for any reason, PLEASE STOP! Bleach is toxic to you and your SKIN, regardless of dilution. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and its first line of defense against infection. If you are having any of the issues listed below, exposing your skin to bleach will destroy all of your skin's natural bacteria and will continue to weaken your defenses. There is a better and natural alternative to skin recovery and health.
    The Garlic Bath Co. has developed a fast acting anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and ALL NATURAL bath additive that will start healing your skin infections naturally.
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