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Time for yourself?

  • Do you have a regular "me" time during the week? I have a friend who mentioned that once a week she goes out at night -- could be with her friends, could just be to a movie by herself. She's been doing this for several years and says it's one of her favorite ways to relax.

    Anyone else do something like this? (I'm absolutely terrible at this... oh, the guilt...)
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  • I do this.
    Have done this even prior to kids.
    Its good to catch up with friends, get errands completed, or just relax at a bookstore.

    Once a week.
    6-9p ( 10 or 11 when friends are involved)
    Usually on a WED to break up the week.
    TRY IT!
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  • Everyday when I come home from work, I head straight to the bath tub. My ritual is to take a 10-20 minute bubble bath. My daughter understands that this is my time to destress from the day. In fact, if I don't head straight to the tub, she often asks me what's wrong. Just those few moments in a relaxing tub help be get ready for the next part of my day and makes a big difference.
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  • yup, i tend to try to have at least one activity during the week that involves friends or something at home but in my own little world. it doesn't always happen, but it is sooo good when i get to have dinner (ok drinks) with some girlfriends and catch up. it completely recharges my batteries and helps me be a better me! i think this only works if you are the type of person who thrives on being around people. i know i need people to talk to and interact with to remain sane. :)
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