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When has your toddler given you major attitude?

  • My little guy is adorable and loving. However, other times, he has a major attitude and is very defiant. From what I understand this is normal but my parents are visiting and making me feel like this is not normal. So, I am just looking to put some humor into the situation and hear some comments on situations you have had where your toddler has given you major attitude and, although annoying at the time, you can look back and laugh.
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  • Oh boy! We are deep into this stage. My usually loving, polite 28 month old sometimes forgets his "please" and "thank you's" and replaces them with things like "get me juice" and "Mommy, just go away". Most of the time he is just the sweetest most lovable little guy saying things like "Mommy you are a pretty princess" and "I love you the most" but just when I least expect it, he'll become a little dictaor. I just take a deep breath and try to remember that it's just a stage and he's just testing boundaries. All in all, I believe it is completely normal and you shouldn't feel otherwise.
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  • Mine is in the "NO!" phase. Screams "NO!" at every request of ours. I think it is normal, but that doesn't mean to just let it be. It's a teaching moment. It's normal at this age, but you don't want to just accept the behavior because then you'll be looking at a nine-year-old who screams at you. It's exhausting, but we just keep stepping in and physically removing him from whatever the situation is or taking him where we're trying to get him as soon as he says "no." Eventually he should start getting the picture that we mean business. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
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  • Mine is now going through a phase where he gets an itch that he doesn't want me or my husband to sit on the couch with him from time to time. He begins to get angry and try to shove us off the couch. The other night, we were all watching Baby Einstein together and he wanted me to sit up, instead of lay back. He began to try to push me and get upset. When I finally sat up and he looked and me and nodded, as if this was what I must do. Everytime we try to watch shows together, its something!
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