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No time to exercise

  • I've been frustrated lately b/c I can't find the time or energy to exercise. I have a one year old and work full time. Any suggestions for how to fit in a run or other exercise activity.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by TarHeelMom on 14th August 2009
  • No suggestions of my own, but plenty of sympathy. My 4 1/2 year old recently told me that I needed to run around more on the playground (like she does) so I can "get unfat"! I bought 30 day shred a while ago, but it's still sitting there, unopened.

    There are a few good articles here at Work It, Mom with suggestions that have worked for some members, though. Here's a link to a roundup of them:
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  • i'm really trying to make sure i do something active on my lunch break - even if it's a walk and not a run.
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  • I have a 5# Yorkie who has an absolute fit at 8:30 pm to go for a walk. AND she walks Fast! So I walk her every night and I have 5# weight at the end of my bed to remind to weight train 4 nites a week.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lanell on 4th September 2009
  • I usually start my day off by heading to the gym first thing in the morning after taking my son to school.
    I take my clothes for work with me that way I can shower at the gym and head straight to work. I manage to get 45 mintues in everyday. That way when my day gets hetic i don't have an excuse not to exercise.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cynthia1 on 6th September 2009
  • I feel your pain! When my first was young I used a backpack carrier and went for long daily walks (I was a SAHM at that time). I kept up the walking through my 3rd. Now that all three are in school it is tough to squeeze it in. I feel guilty using up my energy on exercise when there are kids to play with and a house that needs cleaning! My husband and I do try to find things to do together with the kids. Our newest family game is tennis. The nice thing about tennis is there are many courts. Courts tend to be free. Most are lit at night (just look around during the day for a switch) so you are not bound by hrs. AND best of all... it is a big open area that is fenced in. Give your kids some balls and let em go nuts while you and your husband play. Or my husband and I go to the back court and put the kids in front of us. We still run all over and the kids are getting attention.
    We also like biking. There are so many options out there on how to attach a kid to a bike.

    I am vowing to get better at exercising all the time though lol. If I could just get up earlier...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anna on 7th September 2009
  • Thanks everyone! I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I ran a lot before I had a baby and I thought I would jump back into it as soon as I got permission at the 6 wk postpartum visit. Boy was I wrong! I'm glad to know I'm not alone....and it's nice to have some new ideas to get me back in shape! (Anna, I have started to play tennis one time a week with a friend. I've really enjoyed it! I'm not good now, but am hopeful that I'll get better with practice b/c it is a sport you can play through adulthood. Hadn't thought about it being a family sport - but I can see where it would work out nicely with the kids.)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by TarHeelMom on 8th September 2009
  • I am out of time and energy to exercise as well. There is a new book out called Run Like a Mother and I think it is about finding the time to do that ...meshing running with motherhood...I am plannign on getting it and working running into my lifestyle.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Erin on 29th April 2010
  • I have this same issue. I am a mother of two little girls ( 3 & 4 yrs old). And I KNOW I'm setting a bad example for them as far as health and nutrition goes. I really need to get off my butt and workout in the evenings, but between combing hair, cooking, & bathtime, where do I fit it in??? I wish I was a super woman, but I'm not!!! HELP!!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tamika C. Moore on 20th August 2010
  • Oh, I understand! It is SO hard to find time for me to exercise too. You are not alone. But it IS a priority to stay in shape so you have to treat it as a priority!
    I have 3 kids, ages 10, 8 and almost 4 and I am raising them alone, no sitters , no help. So what we do in the summer, is take a nightly 1 hour walk. This way we ALL get exercise (well, the little one sits in a stroller sometimes). We also park as far as we can from places we go. And I have a portable stepper that I pull out on rainy days and we all take turns.
    When they go back to school in 3 weeks, then I can get back into Yoga 3 days a week and cardio the other 2.
    I'm sure you can find time to squeeze in , babies nap, kids watch TV, just look for the times you can grab 10 minutes and do it!

    Best wishes,
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