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New Online Store - Looking for Marketing Suggestions

  • Hello everyone,

    I am so glad I found this website!! What a great way for moms in business to connect and support each other.

    I have recently launched an online store. I have been working on this business idea for over a year and now that the site is up and running, I'm looking for suggestions on how to drive traffic to it. Do any of you have any suggestions? I would also appreciate any suggestion of places you advertise online that have worked for you and aren't too pricey. Thanks so much!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sproutspoken on 17th December 2009
  • Darling site! It's really lovely.

    You might want to take a peek at a facebook page called "Threadless". It's a t-shirt company with a huge facebook presence (and one of the sites that is so good that even the Facebook execs point it out as a model). I'm thinking it might have lots in common with what you are doing.

    I'm constantly learning about search-engine kinds of things. Sooo much to learn!

    I tweeted about your site -- you can find me at @lizziemcg there.
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  • Congrats .. I have a home base business and I put stuff on Facebook , Cafe mom and I leave stuff at the Dr.s office or at my son's school.

    Congrats again,
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  • Look into this free affiliate program. The best ones or the ones that don't charge you a thing to start
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  • Advertising is always a tricky thing, regardless of whether it's online or traditional methods. Start a blog about something to do with babies, fashion, and have links from each site to the other.

    You can also try an ad here at Work It Mom marketplace, like I did with the Knowledgewebb client I handle marketing for. Wish I could share numbers with you, but I don't have a month's worth yet to analyze.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JulieS on 7th April 2010
  • Sproutspoken,
    I am in the same boat! I just lauched my website the beginning of the year and am also searching for ways to market online.

    My website is

    I appreciate the suggestions people have already posted, if anyone has any more suggestions, would love to hear them. I am currently doing the pay per click advertising and not sure if its very effective. I think I need to tweek the keywords and keep playing around with it.

    So you guys think Facebook is a good way to market?
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  • Would you please tell me how to advertise my business on Facebook?
    I know, Facebook has its own progamme to help customers advertise their business. but it will spend a lot of money, which is very expensive.

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