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new at mom

  • hi! im new at this and saw this on oprah- i am the mother of 5 so getting free/discounted items surely appeals to me! how do i see great deals? not sure how to look stuff up on this web site? is there a section that shows whats on sale or what? please help
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by shanesgurl on 29th December 2009
  • I just joined today. I too am not knowing where to go to find things here. So any help is greatly appreciated. I have lots of grandchildren and little ones to feed all the time.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by gammy on 29th December 2009
  • I am also new to this site and it is extremely interesting to get groceries where I can save more than I spend. I dont know how to look things up on this site either and after several hours of looking for coupons on the internet I am getting irritated. I seen this website on the News believe it or not so I am positive that its not a hoax....please help me to figure out how to do what it is that you do to save me boocoo bucks at the grocery store.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Crystal on 30th December 2009

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