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Working from Home and Love What I Do!

  • I work with Work at Home United and truly enjoy what I do. I work when I have time to and support the environment, making a healthy change for my family and help others do the same.
    There's no risk- 90 Day Money Back guarantee, no sales, no investments, no inventory and is backed by the BBB.
    You'll receive free training and websites to get you started.
    There is weekly/monthly income plus bonuses and benefits.

    Visit my site and request information if you are interested and want to know more- Work at Home United can be for you too!

    -Mayra G.
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  • Marya
    That is great to hear. I also have a home base business and I love it also. My company is Pre Paid Legal and I love helping families..

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  • I think that is the key to sucess in any business! Being passionate about what you do!
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  • There are thousands of money making programs that I have become involved in, but the most I have enjoyed is SiteBuild free affiliate program. I encourage everyone to read into this home program. I been doing this part time for 1 month and received around $320 so far. It's great.
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  • Hi, I am new here and would love to invite everyone and anyone to join my business....Avon, where you can start for $10.00 and make up to 40% profits on what you sale. ......I am handicapped and live on social security alone, at least until I joined Avon...Now is the time to join, especially with all the
    holidays coming up.....great sales to happen.....I have a set number of customers and get more every day because the products are me or go to my site and sign up.....
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  • Hello! I work for Cultural Care Au Pair. We are currently looking for part time Customer Service & Sales Coordinators. In this role we are looking for individuals interested in promoting cultural exchange and flexible, affordable childcare in many areas through out the Untied States.

    Would you enjoy working with families to help them find creative and flexible childcare solutions and are you looking for flexible work hours from home? You must be self-motivated, sales-driven and professional. Sales and marketing experience and being connected in your community is a plus. You enjoy working with families and young adults, and are you looking for flexible work hours from home. All selected candidates will be invited to participate in an extensive training program.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Providing support to both families and au
    • Planning monthly get-togethers for the au pairs in your area
    • Sales, marketing and business development
    • Screening qualified host families

    The successful candidate must:
    • Enjoy working with people - face to face and online
    • Be computer and internet savvy; engaged in blogging and social media
    • Be able to network in their community to generate new opportunities and spread the word about our program
    • Be able to mediate difficult situations and possess conflict-resolution skills
    • Have excellent communication skills and be interested in promoting cultural exchange
    • Must like to travel - although travel is limited, much of the our incentives are provided in the form of national and international trips

    Perfect for stay-at-home parents or part time employees who are well connected in their community. Must be self-motivated, have a passion for cultural exchange, sales-driven and professional. Opportunities for career growth available. Please email for more information or apply by clicking here!

    Please visit for more information about our program and the coordinator position. There are great links to provide more clarity on the program as well as Cultural Care including our blog, TheBuzz, and a great video series (on going) called Au Pair Answer Mom.
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  • Hello Ladies,

    My name is Kris and I am new to working from Home, but the success I hear you ladies having is really encouraging, I sell Avon, I free lance website design and I am proud to open my first business venture which is a womens retail clothing and accesories boutique. ...... 247 Couture is My Compnay name, we have very affordable clothing and trendy hand made organic jewelry.

    I look forward to encouraging, being encouraged and sharing success with you all.
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  • Looks like a lot of folks are finding their home-based careers here! Good luck to all of you. I've been a self-employed, home-based entrepreneur for 15 years now. It's not always a smooth ride, but it's a fun one!
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  • I love seeing so many mother working from home! As said, it's key to love what you do! There are so many opportunities involving different things. I recently discovered premier jewelry (not in the business) and it's amazing to see how we're all involved in different things and can help each other. I'm starting a group for moms to help each other! I hope to see you all as members! :)
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  • Hi Moms! I have partnered with the doctors who created Proactiv! See my add in Shop/ Marketplace for more info on how you can change your skin and change your life!
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