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Working mom fitness survey

  • Hello, fellow posters! My name is Katherine and I am working on my Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Bowling Green State University. One of my primary areas of interest is the experiences of working moms.

    I am currently starting a new study which will be the first to examine how working mothers' fitness behaviors affect their workplace experiences. In today's economy, many businesses think it is a waste of money to offer employees assistance in making time to work out, in paying for their workout efforts, etc. My goal is to get businesses to realize that it is a GOOD thing to help working mothers balance their physical health with their work and home demands!

    I am writing this discussion topic today to ask for your help. I need to gather data from the most diverse set of people possible in order to really understand these relationships. Reaching people of different ages, races, jobs, etc., will provide me with the richest data and the best possible chance of getting businesses to change their policies to help employees.

    The survey can be found at the link shown at the bottom of this posting. I would be extremely grateful if anyone reading this could take 5 minutes to complete the survey. Also, please tell your friends, family members, and coworkers!

    Thank you SO much in advance to anyone who completes this survey. The results of this study will be immensely helpful in shaping the way that businesses treat their employees.

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  • Oops! I forgot to add two very important things.

    First, this study is completely anonymous. No identifying information will be gathered.

    Second, it is fully reviewed and approved the BGSU's Human Subjects Review Board.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
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  • I am a teacher, mother, grad student...I have no time to work out and schools don't really promote workout rooms for staff, however, we do a workout group in the gym run by a PE teacher and it gets a huge turnout, we love working out in the stations and walking around the school. There are also health and wellness challenges promoted by HR. I know I feel renewed when I can stay a half hour after school and work out b/c once I walk in the door at home, I belong to the kiddos!
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