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Complementary website review

  • Just wanted to pass this on ... one of my marketing clients (Knowledgewebb) is celebrating a birthday and redesign this week,. so we're giving away advice on web page design. The details:

    If you join Knowledgewebb between June 28 - July 2 at 5pm ET, we will give your website a free review! We'll highlight five main areas that you can improve and suggest digital tools and social media to try.

    The review will be done by Webbmedia Group consultants. (Webbmedia Group is Knowledgewebb's parent company.) Webbmedia Group has conducted site reviews for numerous clients, including,,,,, a Prairie Home Companion, Marketplace and others.

    To qualify, simply become a Knowledgewebb member. After you register, email and tell us your URL. If yours is a password-protected site, you'll need to give us a temporary login and password. All websites (even corporate!) and blogs are eligible. is an all-you-can-learn training site for social media tools -- e.g. how to program with Flash, how to write a mobile app, how to pick a good video camera and edit a presentation. If you're interested, put JULIE in the coupon code (all caps) for a 20 percent discount.
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  • Adding to my own message so I can click the discussion box. Sigh. Would have nice to do that on the first pass, wouldn't it?
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