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Walking for exercise?

  • I've recently started to walk more and go to the gym less often. Part of the motivation was hurting my foot (which means I can't do stuff like run on the treadmill) but the larger motivation was that I enjoy walking (whereas I don't really enjoy the gym), I don't get as hungry after (which means I don't overcompensate with too much food), and it's easier to squeeze in (I can do it for 1/2 hour in the morning, without having to drive to the gym).

    I am sure I am burning less calories walking than I do, say, running on the treadmill. I still take a few spin classes a week, when I can and I do some yoga at home as well. I am wondering if anyone else walks as their primary way to exercise?
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  • I probably walk as my source of exercise about three days out of the week. I make sure I exercise everyday so on the other days I run or do strengthening exercises. I used to think that walking was not enough exercise, but then I realized that I was barely running 2-3 times a week and doing nothing else..and sometimes taking weeks off at a time. I then decided that walking everyday is better than doing nothing. It's also helped me to make exercise a habit that I do everyday. I love the days that I walk for my exercise. It helps clear my mind and gives my body a break.
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  • same with me. My friends all insist that I run but I never get the motivation to do so because I always hurt my knees because of my weight...walking gets me to a good heart rate and so far I have lost more or else around 20 lbs in 4 months. I try to walk at least 5km every day and when I get home I map it out (to log my walks). It keeps me motivated :)
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