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Has anyone taken the ereader plunge?

  • I recently got a Kobo ereader which, in and of itself, is a little more extravagant than I tend to be. I was happy to find, however, that it came preloaded with 100 classics, and a visit to Kobo's virtual bookstore showed me that there are actually tons of books available for free! In fact, I had to stop myself from wildly claiming them JUST because they were free--I don't want to fill up all my memory in the first week!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jengray on 22nd December 2010
  • I got a Kindle for Christmas and love it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Angie on 30th December 2010
  • I happen to love love love my kobo ! I have gotton most my book from the borders e reader site on sale!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JennaC2010 on 24th February 2011
  • Other Kobo lover here! It makes my commute to work a pleasure :)
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