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Do you and your spouse keep separate checking accounts?

  • My husband and I are both on each other's checking accounts, but we do maintain separate ones--in fact we even go to different banks! We're each responsible for different expenses, so this has always just worked for us (added bonus: I don't have to justify every little purchase!). Are we the only ones?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jengray on 13th March 2011
  • We have the same, a joint checking and savings, and we each have individual accounts and yes at different banks.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ChurchMom on 22nd March 2011
  • Same here, we both have separate accounts but there is a joint account we share for the purpose of bills. Men do tend to nag at every darn purchase.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Krystle R. on 23rd March 2011

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