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  • I am amazed at the wonderful groups of Moms!
    After many years in the "hair" industry, stlist, salon owner, teacher and national educator I wrote a book and became an author and speaker.
    We all face many challenges in our life. Mine included a disastorous fire, a flood, major car accident, two failed marraiges and the list goes on! Through all of this I stayed positive knowing there was always someone worse off.
    Then the unthinkable happened. My granddaughter was sexually abused at her daycare center by the father of her little best friend.
    Yes it happens and now I am looking for ways and places to educate Moms to empower their children with safety skills.
    Please visit my web site:
    "When the Trust is Broken: Just When You Think Your Children are Safe ~ Think Again" contains many resources and includes the transcript form the day of sentencing. It brings you right into the courtroom so you will know exactly what the judge said about Child Sexual Abuse.
    So...How can I help You?
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