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New Blog Post on Organizing Play Dates as a Working Mom

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m really excited to be sharing this post on organizing play dates when you’re a working mother. Do you meet on the weekends or after school? Find out how working moms can manage their busy days and lives to organize a much-needed play date!
    Do drop by our blog on the Mommy Brings Home the Bacon website { } and read their tips and don’t forget to share your own!!
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
    Prerna Malik,
    Blog and Social Media Manager for Mommy Brings Home the Bacon
  • I had the exact same idea for a blog post! Glad to see I was on to something. It's so difficult to plan. Maybe use flex-time, holidays and definitely weekends. Those seem to be the most opportune times to meet. Good luck!!
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