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Would working from Home make a difference in your life?

  • Many of us wake up each morning dreading our day ahead of us. It may be because we rather spend more time with our children or that we just need a break or that we just have bosses that are horrible. For whatever reason it maybe we at times wish we were our own bosses and that we worked from home. If you could work from home do you think it would change your life? What would be the advantages? How do you think it could change your life?
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  • If I could work from home I would take the opportunity. I work 9-5 everyday and my kids are at daycare from 8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday so I really don't get to spend too much time with them except for the weekends. But then I'm also trying to catch up on house work. I think it would be easier for me since I wouldn't be rushing out the door in the morning or rushing home to cook dinner right after work. The same routine day after day gets tiring. But then again I wouldn't get much work done with the boys home all day with me either. I would have to figure out a balance but it would be nice.
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  • When I made my choice that I was leaving my 9 to 5 so that I can work my own business I was a little panicked. I knew my choice was correct , because number one I worked for someone else and I was helping them get rich. I was like why am I making someone else rich?? I WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY FREE!!! Not help someone live my dreams. Well I did it, I left my job. Now I felt like I made a huge mistake, I don't want to be stuck home all day. I want to be able to spend time with my daughter , get my errands done and live the number one lifestyle. 
    But in my panic I forgot the beauty of our business. I can go to the park and speak to stay at home moms and introduce my company to them. Go to the mall and speak with unhappy employees. With our company I can go anywhere do anything as long as I have my smart phone I can do anything. I love living the life I always dreamed of. You just have to find a buisness that is right for you and that will help you make life easier
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  • Previously I used to go to office but after having my first baby I decided to work from home and I thank almighty for helping me to take this decision, working from home helped me to fulfill all my family responsibilities and I can give proper care and nourishment to my kids. I don't have to maintain a working schedule, I can work according to my ease and comfort.
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  • Yes working from home is really very helpful it helps me to spend time with kids, and I could take care of my house in better way.
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  • If you ladies may be interested check out this site me and my husband work it from home and its very beneficial and so easy.
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  • I have made the choice to work from home running my own business ( I am a certified professional career & education coach). I feel I have so much more to give my kids when they get home from school...I'll never look back. Still, for those considering it, there's been a huge learning curve for me in terms of marketing myself and making smart business decisions. If you can handle risk, are willing to learn new things and "put yourself out there", definitely consider it!
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  • Hey Jenny maybe you will consider taking a look at our business.
    It's something new and I am sure it maybe something you can benefit from. I am all about taking risk and making smart decisions and this is the best decision we made.
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