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Please support my new business venture...

  • Hi ladies and Gentlemen!
    Hope you all had a great summer! I know I have posted before but I figured I would let you know more about myself. I am sending out some info to everyone in this community and hoping to get your support in my new business venture. I wanted to let all of you know I have started up a new business which I am SUPER excited about because I love the skin care and have been nuts with it since I started using it. I figured I would try something new since needed to bring in some extra income to cover bills after my husband got a pay cut. Well, I am now in my 30s with 4 little kids (who have ALL aged me!) and I really needed to feel better about my skin. It became time to try and find a true anti-aging regimen that really works and where I can see results quickly. One of my best friends’s started using a line from Rodan and Fields (they are the doctors who formulated ProActiv Solution; all the magazines and shows have started talking about them BIG TIME, google them!). When I saw her at the beginning of this summer, she looked like she dropped years off her face, I could not believe how good her skin looked! Of course I went home and ordered it ASAP and I cannot get over my skin, after only two months I have been getting compliments left and right!
    I have never seen a skincare line as good as this..and I have seen people around me try them all! So, I decided to become a consultant. Why not sell these products, and share them with my family and friends, of course they all would love to take a few years off their skin! I know they work, and I am confident that you will see results. Plus, the BEST PART…if you do not see results after 60 days, all you have to do is email or call me and you 100% get a full refund, that is how sure they are about their products working. These products are 1 step below prescription grade, they are the best in the market and Rodan + Fields is about to become a household name. I mean it is basically a 60-day sample!
    To get the maximum results, it is best to start off with a regimen. Please check out my website, There are 4 different lines to choose from- basically everyone’s skin types are covered! They are: Anti-Age (for crows feet, age lines, etc.), Reverse (for sun damaged skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone ), Soothe (for sensitive skin, rosecea, eczema) and Un-Blemish (for adult acne or those who still get breaks out once in a while). If you are unsure of which line is best for your skin, please just reach out to me and I will let you know! The sooner you get started the quicker you and everyone else start to see these amazing and dramatic results.
    I appreciate you supporting me in this new venture in my life, and the best part is that by supporting me, you are making a positive change in your life as well. Take a chance, because since there is a money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!
    Thank you all for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Annya Olearchyk
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