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Silvana Nardone

Editor of Every Day with Rachael Ray

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Silvana Nardone is the Editor of Every Day with Rachael Ray. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two kids, who are ten and one. In her interview Silvana talks about ways in which she juggles a demanding job with taking care of her family, why she thinks flexibility at work leads to happier and more motivated employees, and her greatest challenge when it comes to being a mom, wife, and professional.

Your job sounds really awesome—what was the career path that brought you here?

I’ve been working at magazines since my last year in high school. After 9/11 I took a break and opened my own bakery, Fanciulla (it means ‘chick’, in Italian). We sold mostly to gourmet food stores and the business grew well by word of mouth.

I thought a lot about what baked goods to produce because I wanted to make sure that running the bakery wasn’t going to take too much time away from my son, who was in second grade then. I focused on making products with a longer shelf-life, so I didn’t have to do things like daily deliveries.

I was really happy running the bakery and then I got a call from the editorial director at Reader’s Digest. He was developing a new magazine and asked if I’d be interested in talking with him. I had no plans to leave the bakery but it never hurts to talk, right? Once he told me what the magazine was about I was definitely interested. I love a challenge, the adrenaline rush of building something from scratch. Then I met Rachael and we hit it off right away. So I decided to go ahead and take on the job.

What happened to your bakery?

I ended up closing it about a year later. I got pregnant and knew that I couldn’t really go back to running the bakery full-time. So it seemed that all signs pointed to closing the bakery. It was a great experience.

Do you write for the magazine as well as being the Editor?

Yes, one of my favorite columns to write is the No-Recipe Zone. It’s all about cooking by pictures. What I like about the concept is that it encourages people to have fun when they cook. It’s okay to just improvise—and I hope this idea translates not only to people’s cooking, but life.

Your job is very demanding—do you have any flexibility?

Whatever job I have I try to make it work for the kids as well as for me. During the launch of the magazine I worked non-stop, there was really no way around it. But now, my job is flexible – some days I might come in later in the day and work from home in the morning, for example.

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