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Sally Thornton

Founder & CEO, Flexperience, LLC

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Sally is the founder and CEO of Flexperience, LLC, a new company that connects professionals with part-time, flex-time, or project-based work opportunities. Sally lives in San Mateo, California, with her husband and two kids: a 19 month old and a four year old. In this interview Sally talks about what inspired her to start her company, why she finds being an entrepreneur and a mom easier than working for someone else, what she loves about having a flexible work schedule, and how you can often find her in the parking lot of her local public library.

Date company was founded: September, 2006

Number of employees: 2 full-time, 1 part-time, 3 contractors (all with flexible schedules!)

Total capital invested to date: Less than $100k

Can you tell us a bit about your company?

Flexperience is a boutique firm that connects experienced marketing, human resources, and finance professionals with opportunities for flexible, project-based work with our clients. We understand the desire of many women to balance a rewarding professional life with an enriching personal life. We also understand the demands placed on our clients to optimize their investment in people. For them, our value proposition is to find the right people, at the right time, for the right price.

Bottom line: We are committed to finding more ways for women to contribute their talent to the world. The biggest constraint on business managers that I hear is that they just don’t see enough great people; so we believe this is a true win-win solution.
What inspired you to start your business?

Two things.

First, after losing my older brother, Will, in a plane crash when I was eight months pregnant with my first child, I wanted more control over my life’s direction.

Second, my whole career has been focused on people issues, starting with HR consulting, moving in-house to a corporate HR role, and finally to a marketing role overseeing customer experience and loyalty. After I had my second child I realized that this was the time for me to take control over how I spent time at work and with my children. At the same time I saw all of these talented women who had opted out of the workforce because there is little flexibility in traditional careers. So it was a natural step for me to focus on solving this issue for all sides.

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