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Tamara Monosoff, CEO of Mom Invented

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What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start her own business? How can they figure out if their big dream is also practical and feasible?

Take a stand for yourself! Give yourself time to figure out what you want.  Then, do serious research and planning to map out your action steps. And, connect with other like-minded women that offer support. is a great place to do this which is why its listed in my new book!


What or who inspires you?

What inspires me: The thing that inspires me most is the fact that I never need anyone's permission to pick up a sick child from school or to go to the school play. I am also inspired, or perhaps "energized" is a better word, by the process of creating new things out of nothing.

Who inspires me: My mother is the most remarkable woman I know. She’s nearly 80 and she inspires me every day. And, nothing inspires me more than hearing my daughters telling their stories, writing, and working on projects.


What's the most challenging thing, for you, about juggling your career and parenthood?

Well, there is never enough time to do it all. Laundry, exercise, kids homework, it is an ongoing juggling act and balls get dropped. I have come to terms with that pretty well at this point. One challenge I have is that my husband works with me. We love working together but at times, especially when a lot is going on, it is difficult to switch off our work discussions.


What's next on your life to-do list?

This fall, after the book tour and the launch of our back-to-school products, I hope to take some time off.  Although, my agent is already gently nudging me for my next book project.


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  • Very inspiring

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