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Nancy Traversy

Founder and CEO of Barefoot Books

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Describe what work/life balance means to you:

Believing that you are giving back to the global community in some small way, feeling happy with what you do at work every day, and finding time to spend with your family. Real, solid, quality time.

We have a house in France that we bought when we lived in Europe, and when we had four very young children. We go there every summer for several weeks. I work when I am there since I can’t really take that much time off, but my kids, and more recently their friends, are around all the time, running in and out of my office, drawing, reading and having fun. I always stop for lunch every day (which I don’t manage to do in Cambridge!) and share it with family and friends, which is incredibly relaxing. Being in a different environment with a different view and a fresh perspective is a great way to recharge my batteries and get the big picture back.

What’s your advice for other entrepreneur moms?

I think you definitely need to know what you want to get out of your business before you start it. Is your venture all about making money or simply doing something that is rewarding for you? I personally don’t think that the best approach is to start an entrepreneurial venture for financial gain….you need to really love what you’re doing and believe in your product and your vision.

You also need to persevere! Running a small business is not easy. And you will become a better leader once you have had a few falls and picked yourself up again. We have been building our little Barefoot community for 15 years now. We know a lot of things and have learned a great deal on our journey so far. We have always had an unwavering belief in what we were trying to achieve and have focused on making sure we had everything in place to take off. Timing is everything and I am quietly optimistic that our perseverance will pay off.

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