Mom Interviews

Kirsten Mangers

Founder and CEO of WebVisible

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On the weekends I try to sleep in one day, which usually means getting up at 7 or 7:30 am. I enjoy theater, and I love good food and wine. I try not to read work stuff on the weekends. I really enjoy crosswords. It’s great down time for me.

One piece of advice for other entrepreneur moms:

Be patient with yourself. You can have it all, but there will be things that you don’t do well. Manage your own self expectations. Be kind to yourself.

Does your company benefit professional moms? How?

Yes. Our company has 40% females. We consider ourselves a socially conscious company. We have a unique perspective of life/balance. People are allowed to work their components unilaterally. If you want to be a part of bigger team and have a family - we know you’ll make it up on the back end.

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