Mom Interviews

Jill Bohrer

Education Services Project Manage for Apple Inc.

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One thing that you have or do that makes your busy life easier:

A nanny with a flexible schedule who can stay when needed, and a separate babysitter who doesn’t mind staying late.


One thing that would make your life easier: More cleaning help.


If you could afford to stay at home, would you still choose to work? Why?

I always want to work. It allows me to have an identity outside the home and stay stimulated intellectually.


Any words of advice for fellow professional moms?

It is normal to question everything, but don’t get ahead of yourself. As the milestones come and your child grows, so will you as a parent. Just love them and remember not to beat yourself up and that everyone makes mistakes. Write big things down, you really forget and it’s nice to be able to look back.


Do you feel a lot of guilt as a professional mom? What are your strategies for dealing with it?

I do feel guilty if work is really busy and I don’t see my daughter as much. In that case, I make plans with her for as soon as my schedule permits, and I look forward to it and I know I will make it up to her.

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