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Hana Wolf and Nisha Cordero

Co-Founders of Little Jet Set

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Hana S. Wolf and Nisha T. Cordero were both lawyers before becoming entrepreneurs. Hana, who lives in New Jersey with her husband and their son, went back to work three days a week as a litigation associate after becoming a mom but, a year later, realised that the "long and prosperous legal career" she had envisioned wasn't becoming a reality. She job-hopped for a while and then decided to make a change: "I was totally miserable. I missed my son horribly, was completely stressed, and had no time for myself or my husband. Even when I was home, I was constantly thinking about my clients’ problems and making their burdens my own. I quit in April 2005."

Nisha, who lives with her husband and two kids in Ridgewood, New Jersey, returned to the law office after her first child was born, but found that, like many moms who work outside the home, "I constantly had to reestablish boundaries and reassess my priorities." When her second child came along, she decided not to return to work, but was worried that she would lose her identity. "I had to “reinvent” myself with the knowledge, skills and experience I had gained as a lawyer and mother," she says.

In June 2007, they launched Little Jet Set, an online store packed with tips, gear, and gadgets for tiny travelers (and their parents). On their site, they admit to owning an electronic gadget or two, but have found plenty of ways to keep boredom and discomfort at bay -- at home, and while on the road.

1.) When you each left your law practicies, did you still have other projects on the side?

Hana: I never completely left the practice of law. I continued practicing on my own, on a very limited basis, until very recently. From 2005 to 2006, I also sold title insurance. I was never comfortable with the idea of just being a stay at home mom. It was so much easier to say, “I’m an attorney,” or, “I’m working as a title agent.” I always felt like I had to justify what I was doing, and that some how being a mom and wife with no “real” job wasn’t enough. I now know how ridiculous that is. For the first year after I left the firm, I was pretty aimless. During the past year, however, I found the time and energy to train for and run two marathons, serve on the executive committee of the Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County and chair its annual campaign, serve as the Secretary to my town’s Recreation Committee, and launch Little Jet Set. So, yes, I had other projects on the side!

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