Mom Interviews

Hana Wolf and Nisha Cordero

Co-Founders of Little Jet Set

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Nisha: I find it hard to calculate exactly how many hours I work each day. I basically work when I have a pocket of time to myself -- when my children are at school, after my kids go to bed, and whenever I cannot sleep (which is often). I have to admit that, every time I watch the news, read an article, or browse a website, I am always focused on researching for my business!

8.) Which has been more difficult, traveling to another country with small children, or working from home with them?

Hana: Working from home! I’ve mastered traveling solo with one child (at least my own).

Nisha: I find it hard to “quit” for the day when I have an idea in the works or an obstacle to address. Because of my peculiar (okay, anal) work habits, I find it more difficult to work from home with small children. The boundary battle rears its ugly head yet again, because I can always do more for my children and work. The issue is knowing when to stop. I recently traveled to India with my children (over 25 hours of flight time) and I can honestly say that my kids and I weathered the journey well -- of course, with a little help from Little Jet Set's products!

9.) What are your current favorite kid-related travel products?

Hana: I love Trunki, the ride-on suitcase. It exemplifies Little Jet Set’s mission of making traveling with kids easy and fun.

Nisha: My favorite children’s travel product is a real toss-up. Hana researched and found the amazing Zoobie Pet (a 3-in-1 travel blanket, pillow and stuffed animal). During my late-night product reviews, I came across babysparewear, a spare outfit that comes in a compact, waterproof clutch.

10.) What is the best advice you can give to a single mom traveling with her small children?

Hana: Don’t hesitate to ask for help and to accept kind offers of assistance. There are certain times and circumstances that make it impossible for you to do everything. Try as you may, you will not be able to hold a sleeping toddler and safely exit the plane while carrying his car seat, his bag, and yours. And those carts that go whizzing through the airport – they are not just for the elderly and people on crutches. Smile, wave, and nicely ask for a lift to your gate.

Nisha: First of all, I give considerable admiration and respect to all single mothers. As we like to say at Little Jet Set, “pack smart, travel happy,” so I would suggest that you Carry Smart (let your children pack and pull or ride their own suitcase; kids love the sense of independence and being “grown up” that comes with having their own luggage), Plan Smart (keep your children occupied, comfortable and well-fed; consider packing games and puzzles, crafts, stuffed animals, toys like finger puppets and sticker play scenes, and lunch and snack bags), and Relax Smart (for those moments when you peace and quiet, keep your kids busy with a story book, flash cards, or an activity book, books with CDs and, for the tiniest of travelers, board books and soft activity books). Finally, if you’re going on a family vacation, pack a family-oriented travel guide.

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