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Tina Sharkey

Global President and Chairman, Babycenter

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Professional moms know that the way to keep our sanity is by not being perfect at everything. What are some things you are not perfect about?

My mantra: Don’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t control everything and can’t drive yourself crazy over small stuff. It’s just not possible to do everything perfectly. Focus on the things that are important. You have to have different standards for different things. You have to contribute in different ways to different things. I want to be a contributing parent in my sons’ classroom, and yet I can’t be in the classroom 5 days a week. So, I find ways to contribute; for example I’m throwing the end of the year party at my son’s school. It’s a lot of effort to host and organize an event, but it’s important to me. It’s my way of being involved, giving back, showing both the school and my son how much I care and our family’s commitment to his community.

We’ve all had them –- describe your most trying/embarrassing/don’t-want-to-remember-this moment as a professional mom so far:

I have so many. I would say my pumping days were pretty challenging. When I was at Sesame Work Shop, we had a strategic meeting offsite at a restaurant meeting room. There was no place to pump, and I had to go to a coat closet. So I shut the door and started pumping. When I was done, I tried to open the door but the handle broke and I was locked up in there for 30 minutes with my breast milk in hand. It was embarrassing; nobody knew where I was. I was banging on the door trying to get help.

How do you de-stress and relax?

I sleep, read mindless magazines or watch the Jon Stewart show. I also take hikes with my husband and kids. I find being with my children very relaxing. To me, relaxing is doing things you don’t get to do enough. I could never spend enough time with my children.

One thing that you have or do that makes your busy life easier:

I have three things: Blackberry, GPS, Blue tooth in the car

One thing that would make your life easier would be:

More time, time is my most scarce asset.

If you could afford to stay at home, would you still choose to work? Why?

Yes I would still chose to work because I’m a multi dimensional person and I have a lot of things I want to do in life. I want to give back to my community, to my children, to workforce, to society. I want to be a good role model for my children. Being a working mom is a good role model for them. Things don’t come easily. You have to work for what you have. It is also important to teach my kids that everything you have is not yours –- some part goes to charity. It’s their responsibility to give back, and that’s what it means to be a productive member of the society.

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