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Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin

Authors of Back On the Career Track

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Remember that we are entering a new era for relaunchers. Most corporate and university initiatives focusing on relaunchers did not exist even two or three years ago. But companies are concerned about a talent shortage due to retiring baby boomers. And more companies are embracing the productivity advantages of flex-time and remote work as a result of Gen X and Y’s focus on results rather than how or when the work gets done. As a result, the environment is currently, and should continue to be, more favorable to relaunchers.

Returning to work after taking time off can be intimidating – could you offer some tips for moms facing or going through this process about making it more manageable and less stressful?

Sorry if this sounds self promotional, but follow our 7 Steps to Relaunch Success! They will give you an order to the process and insurance that you are not forgetting to do anything crucial to making this transition.

Consider forming a Relaunch Circle or finding a Relaunch Buddy. Either in pairs or in groups, many women find it helpful to go through the process with others. The Buddy or Circle can act as a sounding board for resumes and cover letters, give support and a pep talk when necessary, and keep everyone focused on the goal to avoid procrastination.

On the family front, stress can be reduced by introducing the topic of mom returning to work early and discussing it frequently – long before it becomes a reality. For moms with school-aged kids who plan to return to full time work, it’s helpful to take on a volunteer or contract work responsibility that takes you out of the house for a full day two or three days a week so the kids get used to what you have put in place to cover for your absence – an after school program, grandma, or a hired babysitter – before you switch to this arrangement five days a week.

To learn more about Back On the Career Track, read the 7 Steps to Success, and take the Relaunch Readiness Quizz, check out

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