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Gina Trapani

Founder & Editor of

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Gine Trapani is the founder and editor of, a blog about being more productive with software as well as in your life. Gina is one of the most popular women bloggers online - actually, one of the most popular bloggers, period. We asked her to share some of her favorite life hacks with us in the hopes that they might help busy working moms juggle their 100 to-dos a bit more effectively.

You’re the editor of, a blog about being more productive with technology and in life. Where did the idea for the blog come from?

Back in 2004, tech journalist Danny O’Brien surveyed all of his productive “alpha geek” friends and compiled a list of notes on how they manage all the stuff in their lives. He did a presentation on his findings, called “Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks” which inspired You can read more about the history of life hacks at the Wikipedia, here:

Your background is in software and tech – why did you decide to expand the blog to cover productivity tips for regular, non-tech folks?

Because you can only take so many tips on how to speed up your computer or manage email! Life hacks apply a computer programmer’s mindset to everything – whether that’s RSS feeds or the most efficient way to walk through the grocery store aisles.

Work It, Mom! members are busy professional moms with no minute to spare. What are some of your favorite life hacks that could help make their lives easier or perhaps just a bit more manageable?

My favorite life hacks have to do with setting things up for your future self to succeed. Like storing a set of bed sheets in one of the pillowcases when you pull them out of the laundry. That way, when it comes time to make the bed, you don’t have to waste time figuring out which sheets make a set.

Or getting into the habit of hanging your keys on a ring by the door without thinking – so you don’t have to run around later looking for them when you’re late for a meeting. Putting things in their right place from the beginning is especially challenging for moms who probably battle clutter more than anyone!

What’s your personal favorite productivity tip of all time?

The thing that’s helped me immensely this past year is scheduling a weekly “meeting” with myself to go over what I’ve accomplished that week, and what I should focus on the following week. Taking that half and hour to step back and look things over makes you feel so much more calm and in control.

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