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Tell us about your book, Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day. Who should buy it?

The book is a compendium of all the best hacks from’s archives. gets updated almost 20 times a day, and being a weblog, its content isn’t well-organized for newcomers or people who just want to find the best way for them to manage a to-do list. The book culls the most popular content from the site and lays it out in an accessible table of contents.

People who are interested in learning more about life hacks and who suspect they could be a lot more efficient using their computer but aren’t sure where to start should pick up the book. I guarantee readers will say “I didn’t know you could do that!” at least three times. (You can get a preview of the table of contents and reviews at

Checkout for some great productivity tips from Gina and her team!

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