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Mindy Roberts

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What do you like about blogging?

Therapy – it is cathartic. Blogging and writing is responsible for me being upright today. I had very bad post partum depression, my marriage was disintegrating and the combination of my husband being out of work and my being depressed just got to be too much. Writing and blogging helped me through it.

My mom talks about writing to stay sane. I love that and it’s why I do this.

Your least favorite thing about blogging?

The worst issue for a while was that my ex-husband and in-laws hated it. They felt I put my kids in danger, that I was being irresponsible. It was unpleasant.

But the other thing is that you can’t take a break without taking a hit, especially if you want to make some money. If you stop, the traffic goes down.

How does blogging fit into your busy life as a working mom?

I don’t have a particular time during the day when I write, I try to fit it in when something happens that I want to write about.

What takes time is not really the writing – I can write a post in 20 minutes, I am generally a fast writer – but all the communication around my blog. There is so much email flying back and forth and some great relationships that have come out of it.

If you could afford to stay at home, would you?

Oh my god, yes! I never thought I would – I’ve stayed home full-time before, and I know it’s hard – but I would love to stay home and write. I hate leaving my kids in daycare for long periods of time so it would be great to not have to do it.

Are your friends mostly working or stay at home moms? Do you find that you relate to one group or the other better? Do you care?

No, I don’t care. A lot of my friendships are online. I know it sounds really lame, but it’s true. Some of these friendships have been wonderful and the great thing is that you don’t need a sitter to meet up with friends online.

This interview would not be complete if we didn’t talk about guilt – have you felt a lot of guilt as a professional mom?

I’ve felt tons of guilt. I had to go back to work 10 weeks after my daughter was born.

We have this great ritual at home: We all climb into bed for one half hour in the morning. No one starts their day before we all do this. Sometimes I get up and work but if I am up working when they wake up, the kids come and get me. This is their anchor for the day. This is how we get our time in.

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