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Member Close-Up: Chrissy Johnson

Mom of one, librarian and blogger

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5.) What's for you the toughest challenge when it comes to juggling work and family?

When Xander gets sick it is rough on all of us. He's getting over strep right now, and recently transitioned from a very small nursery school to a large (but WONDERFUL) preschool and he's catching everything in sight right now. I feel bad for the little guy and am not afraid to admit a bit guilty by not being with him 24/7 like I used to be as a stay-at-home mom. But I have to tell myself that I'm on a path right now that he is a huge part of, and that mothers (and fathers) should never feel guilty for pursuing their own dreams and aspirations. I want him to grow up and know that his mom was totally devoted to him and her passions, and by being a parent you don't have to sacrifice your passion.
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