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Member Close-Up: Sonyareads

Runs an Internet book store and waits tables at night

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5.) What's for you the toughest challenge when it comes to juggling work and family?

The toughest challenge for me with juggling work and home life, well, there are a lot of them! Spending enough time together is probably the hardest. My husband works long hours at his regular job, then he found out he's really good at building these boards that you surf on at this attraction they have at his job, and that's taking off way bigger than he expected or even wanted it to, so a lot of his spare time is spent working on those to keep up with the orders. Responsibilites are split with the kids, on the nights I work, he does everything for them, and on the nights I am home, he is out in the workshop, filling orders. We have been trying to schedule more time for each other, but that usually involves missed sleep! Oh, and getting the house clean. Haven't mastered that one yet either.

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