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Judy Adourian

Founder of Writeyes

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My mother is another huge support, as she is also a writer and business owner. We often collaborate on hosting writing workshops, which makes the events more fun for all involved. I also have a group of writers who I check in with via e-mail once a week. They make sure I balance my students’ writings with my own personal writings (as it can be too easy to spend all my time on other people’s work).

And finally, I have a dear friend with whom I have coffee each week. As a fellow mother of two little ones, she’s there as my stay-at-home-mom support.

How does your spouse or partner feel about your role as an entrepreneurial mom?

Judy’s husband, Jean-Marc, says:

“I like the fact that I know our kids are safe. Whether it’s school vacation or a child waking up with a temperature, we don’t have a scheduling or daycare crisis. We enjoy home-cooked meals as a family and other family time because Judy can work at 9 o’clock at night as easily as 9 o’clock in the morning. It’s also fortunate that she has the type of home-based business that doesn’t involve whining about catty co-workers or an unsympathetic boss. Best of all, one day her business will allow me to stay home (or travel with her while she’s conducting writing workshops around the country).”

Describe what work/life balance means to you:

Having a work/life balance means rarely feeling guilty. It means giving the best of what you have to offer to others while receiving the best others have to share. It means knowing that the two halves make up the whole. Through what I have learned being a wife and mother, I am a most compassionate teacher for my students. And thanks to being intellectually stimulated through my students, I am a much better wife and mother.

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