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Interview with Mir Kamin of The Cornered Office and Would Coulda Shoulda

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This interview would not be complete if we didn't talk about guilt; so many professional moms talk about feeling guilty often. Do you feel a lot of guilt as a professional mom? What are your strategies for dealing with it?

I think I have less guilt than I used to, now that I'm home. But sure, I still have guilt over every time I have to concentrate on work when the kids want my undivided attention. The coping methods come back to that balance thing -- if I get too far off-kilter one way, I do something to bring things back the other way. If I have a big project taking me away from the family too much, I try to make it up to them with extra time (and maybe a special treat) as soon as I can. I also try to build in little rituals that that the kids like that aren't likely to be disrupted by my workload; notes in their lunches, special bedtime snuggles, etc.

I think "Mom" is synonymous with "guilt." We all want the best for our kids and struggle with whether we're delivering. Part of being a good mom is giving ourselves permission to be human. Now when I feel guilty, I remind myself that that's only human. ;

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  • Thank you both for a wonderful interview! Mir, your insights and experience are fascinating and helpful to read about, especially to a fledgling freelance writer. Thank you!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shannon Hyland-Tassava on 18th August 2007

  • Fascinating interview. Thanks, Mir, for sharing so much with us.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 17th August 2007

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