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Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Founder and CEO,

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For the most part I work exclusively in the office, but I’ll sneak in some time at home, either in the evenings after I put our youngest son to bed or very early in the morning if I’m not working out.

We try not to schedule many early morning meetings since I like to encourage our team to have breakfast with their families or drop the kids off at school. Similarly, we try to not schedule meetings after 6:30 p.m. I guess it helps to be the CEO since I have say in how we want to value a more balanced life.

What does your husband do? How do you split up your responsibilities at home?

Ron and I will have been married 16 years this August, so we have definitely developed a regular routine that we feel comfortable with. He is also an Internet entrepreneur.

Ron is a great cook, so he handles dinner about half of the week and then the other half we eat out. He’s good about taking care of the dogs, walking them, and finding care for them when we are traveling.

I handle much of the responsibilities around finding care for our kids – everything from day care and nannies to summer camps and after-school activities. I also take care of our budgeting and bills every other week – the fun stuff!

When it comes to household chores, we share in clean up responsibilities – he does trash, I do laundry. Our nanny also provides us with a great deal of help around the house.

We do things together also. Some mornings, we get the chance to take a long walk with our dogs, Sydney and Blake. We also do morning drop-offs at school and our little guy loves it when Ron and I can take him together. We also like being able to tuck him in at night.

With our older son, Ron and I play different roles when it comes to parenting. Our son has become an avid rower, so he enjoys being able to talk to his dad about that and get advice. Since he’s on his own for part of the year, we’ll talk about his academics and being the mom, I like to make sure he’s getting everything he needs to take care of himself at school. Although he can do it himself now, he of course still loves it when I do his laundry.

What is, for you, the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur and a mom? What is your favorite part about it?

My favorite part of the job is that our work is helping to address a true consumer pain point. I love working in the Internet space since it is an efficient channel to help people in so many aspects of their life, including finding care services.

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  • sheila ,
    great interview, wow this give me a rush of ideas.... i hope i can do half of wht u have done or ur doing right now ....
    thank u again

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