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Stephanie Sheaffer

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I also do tons of giveaways on my blog – right now, I’m giving away an all-expenses-paid cruise for two (including airfare)!

What are some things you've decided to be imperfect about in your life in order to keep your sanity?

Housework tops my list. I am fortunate to have a husband who is “hands-on” when it comes to laundry and mopping and picking up around the house.

You find yourself with an extra free hour in your day (we know, a dream) -- what do you do?

I go for a 20-minute run with my husband and daughter -- preferably on a cloudy day. I spend the other 40 minutes blogging, writing, and dreaming up ways to make the items in my Goals Book come true.

What's one tool/service/routine/gadget that makes your life easier?

My laptop. The Internet is a wondrous place. I love that I can find directions, store hours, new jeans, a recipe for dinner, and how-to do just about anything with a quick search on Google.

I also am fairly certain that an iPhone would make my life easier and have been eyeing one for quite some time. Maybe by the end of the summer...

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