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Rebecca Woolf

Author of "Rockabye: From Wild to Child"

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I'm pretty sure my blogging style is exactly the same. The book was exciting for me but the thing that most people don't recognize about publishing a first book is that -- unless it becomes some international sensation, life goes on as usual as does all writing done pre-publication (including blogging).

3.) There's this great passage in your book where you talk about your son, Archer, doing his own thing while you work on your manuscript. Tell us more about how you managed to work on your book, at home, with a toddler in the house.

I wrote the bulk of Rockabye when Archer was napping and/or at night when he was asleep but of course there were days when Archer didn't nap or I still had more work to do so I basically told Archer that he needed to give me an hour to work and then we'd do whatever he wanted to do. I don't know how well he understood me but he was always really good at entertaining himself so I was able to get quite a bit of work done, so long as I really buckled down.

4.) What's the hardest part about your work-life juggle now that he's older?

Time-management is everything, obviously. And there are some days when I should be working but am distracted by life and all its responsibilities. Now that Archer's in preschool I have six hours a day of me-time, but of course there is shopping and cleaning and life to attend to as well. Right now I'm spending (on average) about two hours a day working on my various projects (not including blogging) which isn't a lot of time. But it's what I have for now so I have to make the best of it. Eventually I'll get it all done... It's just a longer, slower process than it was pre-child.

5.) How do you balance career and parenthood when you have to go tour to promote your book?

I left Archer with my husband and parents when I was on my three-week promo-tour promoting Rockabye. It was hard to be away from him for so long but it was important for me to enjoy my moment and do what I could to promote my book. I love my child more than anything but I believe wholeheartedly in the need to fulfill myself professionally. Every parent deserves a break and I'm lucky I have the support system (my husband, my parents) to wholeheartedly pursue my goals.

6.) You've written so poignantly about the bittersweet aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, of the challenges you faced coming to term with the changes in your own life. Now, you're expecting your second child. How is this pregnancy different for you?

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  • What a fantastic interview, Lylah! I read and loved Rebecca's book -- this makes me want to read it again. She's a stellar human being and an amazing literary talent.

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