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Member Close-Up: Ally

Owner and operator of All Our Milk Money

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3.) What's your dream job?

It's funny to answer this question because my dream has certainly changed over the years. Three years ago I was a struggling actor who was always looking for my next big break. I'd been performing my entire life in theatre, film, TV and the occasional commercial. But work was consistent and I only dreamed of landing a huge role in a film or TV series that would pay me enough to live on so I could do cheap theatre for little or no pay (my true passion). However, since becoming a mom, My dream is to just be able to stay at home and give to my children everything that my parents gave me.  I've started giving public motivational seminars to women in different areas of the country, and I'd like to be able to continue that on. I guess it satisfies my old each to be a performer and my new itch to help empower women and parents.

4.) Tell us a few things on your Life To-Do List.

I have never been out of the country and I am dying to see Europe. I always wanted to sing the national anthem at a super bowl game, but I'll settle for any sporting event at this point. I always wanted to sit on David Letterman's couch. I used to joke that I wanted my name in the Adam Sandler Chanukah song since I am Jewish and he updates it every few years. Oh, and I always wanted to have a beautiful family with a darling house in the suburbs. I have that last one, and it really is the only true thing that matters.

5.) What's for you the toughest challenge when it comes to juggling work and family?

I recently had a big scare and ended up in the hospital because I'd worked myself too hard and took on too much. This event ended up being the greatest lesson I have ever learned. When I came out, I had to make all sorts of changes to make sure that I wouldn't end up in the hospital again. I didn't want to give up my business, or staying at home with my son, but I knew I needed to abide by a healthy schedule and start calling the shots in my life. It took me an entire week to work on this new schedule, but I knew it was necessary, and it's done wonders.  I no longer tolerate anyone telling me what to do -- it's one of the benefits of being my own boss -- and I make sure that each day I have set aside time for eating, sleeping, cooking and spending time with my family. I run into women all the time just like me who try to be a super hero and beat themselves up when they can't do it all. It's ironic how it seems like everyone else is capable of taking on this much and we are all sure we are the only ones who can't handle it. Sometimes organization is the biggest key. I wasn't always that way, but now I have to be. If I can make it work, anyone can.  

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