Mom Interviews

Lisa Nolan

Co-Founder & CEO of LIZAL, Inc.

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By 10:00 pm, hopefully, I’m in bed (but I’m answering these questions at 11:00 pm). Most nights I am off my schedule.

What is your childcare arrangement and how happy are you with it?

My son goes to preschool 4 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. One day a week he is with me in the office or at my home office. The arrangement works right now. I feel guilty about not working from home at least one more day a week, but realistically, I get no work done when my son is with me. The 4 days that he is at preschool offer me the ability to travel when needed.

My husband’s parents help out with our son when we have dinners, special events, or unscheduled activities.

What does your husband do? How do you split up your responsibilities at home?

My husband tries to help in the morning. If he is busy, then I am responsible for all child duties. A day or maybe two a week my husband will get our son dressed in the morning. Generally it is my responsibility to take care of our son, schedule all appointments, play dates, and any other activities.

Two or fewer nights a week my husband does bath time. I usually get frustrated, but my husband uses his job as an excuse. He is a CEO for a start-up and has a lot going on. So I can’t really rely on him to get things done at home. When he does help, I need to give him lots of positive affirmation and reinforcement. When I point out that he does not help enough, he gets pretty mad. I imagine this is a sore issue for many professional moms.

Dinner is important to my husband, so he does end up making it 3 to 4 nights during the week. Our son is a really picky eater, so I end up cooking him several different things every night, trying to get him to eat. This is exhausting and leaves little energy for my dinner appetite.

What is, for you, the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur and a mom? What is your favorite part about it?

My favorite aspect is the flexibility that I have. Also, the fact that my son gets to use all the products that we manufacture.

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  • Wow. What a lot on one plate. Inspirational and educative but scarily regimented from a UK perspective. Thanks for sharing.

    Paul, London

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