Mom Interviews

Lisa Nolan

Co-Founder & CEO of LIZAL, Inc.

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The most challenging aspect is my extensive international travel.

Who has been most helpful to you as you’ve been running your own business?

My husband. Having another contributor to the household income is extremely helpful and relieves pressure from me.

Describe what work/life balance means to you:

My family comes first. No question.

I have scheduled my core office time during the hours of 9:30 am to 4 pm. This gives me time for my son and husband before the day begins and when everyone comes home. I also set aside time at night to work.

I get acupuncture every other week and a massage at least once a month. This keeps my hormones and my mental and physical being in sync.

One piece of advice for other entrepreneur moms:

Your life doesn’t revolve around your client. Don’t be afraid of creating boundaries for your clients and your partners. They will still call you.

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  • Wow. What a lot on one plate. Inspirational and educative but scarily regimented from a UK perspective. Thanks for sharing.

    Paul, London

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