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Beth Avant

Freelance Director at a PR Agency

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I love writing. My husband started his blog first actually. He writes and manages a dad blog called – there are about seven dads currently writing for it. He also has another blog, which is similar to mine, and there he just talks about life and writes about whatever he wants to write about. I really liked his blog and decided to start my own.

I sent a link to my blog to every family member. We are pretty open and use our real names. It’s a place for me to vent and talk about random things. My blog is for anybody. I talk a lot about my son and challenges of being a mom. I try not focus too much on my career crisis, but I do express some personal frustrations.

Please share with us the top three things/strategies that help you successfully get through your days at work and at home.
  • Having strict boundaries when I work and don’t work.
  • Have a place to go to work other then just home (even if it’s Starbucks or friend’s office). Working out of home is a challenge in itself.
  • Manage your time and make lists.

Can you talk about what that balance means for you and ways – however small or big – you’ve managed to find it?

Working for myself definitely gives me more balance. Before I used to hate having to work late at night but now it’s different. My perception of what constitutes a work day is different and I know if I don’t have time during the day, I can get it done at night.

Balance means different things to each person. My balance is still off. Now it’s more home balance. I would love to do more work, but I’ll get there.

Professional moms know that the way to keep our sanity is by not being perfect at everything. What are some things you are not perfect about?

I’m not the perfect wife – now “Suzie homemaker” here. I am trying to keep our house cleaner. But I’d rather keep my son happier and spend more time with him then clean.

How do you de-stress and relax?

I de-stress by writing. My blog or message boards is where I go…. or celebrity gossip sites.

One thing that you have or do that makes your busy life easier: Having a schedule - I need schedule for everything.

One thing that would make your life easier would be: A cook and a full-time housekeeper.

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  • Love your page Beth! Working full time and being a mom, keeping the house clean and paying the bills can all be so overwhelming. Did I mention work-out too? Sometimes I just want to collapse, and then I get so short tempered because all I want to do is play with my 6 yr old daughter. BUt overall I am so lucky to have a job, and to do what I love to do which is selling Real Estate. I realize as soon as I make an issue about somethingn then it has become an issue. I am learning to rise above and find solutions. Juggle away, but try to capture the moment and stop to smell the flowers. Love your blog sight! Charge!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamasita on 19th August 2010

  • it's so good to hear how others do it day to day! thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tiff on 1st May 2007

  • Great answers Beth!! You are juggling so well, I'm proud of you.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by akalterego on 30th April 2007

  • I really like your advice about talking to your boss if feeling overwhelmed. I work in a completely male dominated industry and don't think my boss would ever be sympathetic to how I feel as a mom, but what you wrote really made me think that perhaps even he could surprise me...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 30th April 2007