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What helps you juggle work and family? What's your favorite quick stress reducer? Have you found a way to squeeze in some 'me' time into your busy schedule? Share your tips!


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  • One word...Blackberry!

    by Robinee on 7th February 2009
  • If I can read for just ten minutes it helps me immensly.

    by Juno Dolly on 10th April 2009
  • If you own a business, and work from home, beside making 3 daily business connections or network connections, meet with business ladies at least twice a month for information sharing, brainstorming or workshops. It keeps you connected with the local business developments, and it helps you pass any “bump on the road” that you may have, or feel that you have.

    by Zoica on 15th October 2008
  • I keep a running list of "stuff" in my planner. When something else I need to do pops in my head, I dump it on the list. That gets it out of my head and on paper, and I don't get stuck two hours later trying to remember what I need to do.

    by Kelly O on 9th June 2008
  • Live simple and clutter-free.

    by Morning Artist on 10th March 2009
  • I used to work crazy hours, thinking that career (or just a feeling of being in demand?) is everything. These days I realize that WORK IS ALWAYS there. So I come home after normal hours and enjoy my 20-month old daughter. Every evening after dinner I go and sit on the floor. This is an invitation for my little one to come to me and play. These moments worth everything!

    by Max on 24th March 2009
  • I take my toothbrush into bed with me! I curl up and get some precious alone time with a good book while I brush. I'm multitasking to get some Me time, but it also gets me brushing much, much more thoroughly. My teeth have never been so clean!

    by Diane on 10th June 2008
  • I do the food shopping, but my wife actually tells me what to buy, so she suggested that I create a custom, checkboxed list of all the stuff we usually buy. Now, all we have to do is check the boxes instead writing out the same things each week.

    by Avi Spivack on 10th June 2008
  • three words: Mother's Day Out!

    by brunettemama on 3rd April 2009