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What helps you juggle work and family? What's your favorite quick stress reducer? Have you found a way to squeeze in some 'me' time into your busy schedule? Share your tips!


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  • I've started planning out a few dinners a week in advance and it's really cutting down on the dinner-time anxiety level. Not a full-blown meal plan, but on Sun night I write down 3-4 things I am going to make and put the ingredients on the shopping list.

    by Nataly on 23rd April 2009
  • I pick a couple of times a day to clean up after my kids, otherwise it would be non-stop. I also find that when I deliberately pause and take a deep breathe, it's just the break I need.

    by Katie on 9th December 2008
  • Often, when cooking something like soup or pancakes, I´ll just double or triple the recipe and then freeze the extra. I always have meals ready to go in my freezer this way and they are constantly being replenished . . . ideal for those hectic days when you realize there´s no time to actually cook!

    by Genesis on 28th June 2008
  • Sit down take a deep breath and say to yourself that there is always somebody in a worst situation.

    by Kim Zarett on 2nd April 2009
  • It's allergy (and pink eye!) season again. If your child needs drops (or goopy ointment), try applying them to the skin on the corner of their eye, right by the bridge of their nose. Wait a moment for the heat of your child's skin to liquify the medication, then tilt your child's head so the medicine runs into their eye. When they blink, it'll go in with minimal mess (and fuss).

    by Lylah M. Alphonse on 30th March 2009
  • Planning at least ONE adventure day a month for me and my gets us both out of the house and trying new things.

    by Deanna Leigh on 10th March 2009
  • Planning my menu for the week before heading out to go grocery shopping. I shop faster, stay in budget, and I don't have to think about what to cook when I get home from work. I just go into auto pilot.

    by LiLing Pang on 19th March 2009
  • I have three children and always stress about one thing or another. A very wise woman once told me to buy only one kind of white socks so that I never have to worry about matching them up after washing. I just throw them all in the bottom drawer and the little ones can get them out themselves. It' a beautiful thing!

    by Almond on 29th June 2008
  • Instead of making it into the office for early morning meetings, I dial in during my commute (hands free of course!) It has made my days much easier to start as I'm not trying to cram in getting the kids ready, off to school and Steve McQueening through traffic to make it into the conference room. It gives me a back at lease an hour.

    by Michele on 11th June 2008